Landing Page With Opt-In And PDF Download Recipe

The most common lead magnet is a PDF downloadable. There are four steps to complete to set up a new lead magnet and autoresponder.


What you need

  1. Form
  2. Landing Page
  3. PDF or other document file
  4. Image of the title page for the lead magnet 500 x 500 px

Step 1: Create a Form

For a lead magnet the form should be simple and ask as few questions as needed. The best practice is First Name and Email.

  • Go to Sites
  • Select Forms >> Builder
  • Name the Form (Example: Lead Magnet - Name of Lead Magnet)
  • Drag and drop the first name field onto the form
  • Drag and drop the email field onto the form
  • Add a submit message

Step 2: Create the Landing Page

The landing page for a lead magnet is intended to drive the visitor to enter their contact information in exchange for the PDF downloadable. That is the one and only purpose for this page. Do not add other information to the page, which will distract the visitor.

  • Go to Sites
  • Select Funnel
  • Create New Funnel and name it the same as the Form (Example: Lead Magnet - Name of Lead Magnet)
  • Select Settings and connect the domain (Example:
  • Drag and drop the following elements onto the page
    • Section
    • One column row
    • Header element
    • Subheader element
  • In the Header element craft a statement or question about the lead magnet
  • In the Subheader element craft a supporting statement about the lead magnet
  • Drag and drop the following elements onto the page
    • Two column row
    • Form into left column and select your Lead Magnet form
    • Image into right column and upload the image
  • Add your logo to the bottom of the page
  • Add a link to your privacy policy to the bottom of the page

Step 3: Create Delivery Email

Review this article about using the Email Builder for details

The purpose of this email is to deliver the PDF and welcome them to your community or newsletter.

  • Go to Marketing
  • Select Emails >> Templates
  • Create your email
  • Give your email template a name (Example: Lead Magnet - Lead Magnet Name)
  • Add button and click on Actions to select File
  • Add a subject link under Settings
  • Save your Email Template

Step 4: Create Autoresponder

You may already have an autoresponder workflow built. You may copy it and edit it to fit this lead magnet.

  • Go to Automations >> Workflows
  • Create a new workflow and name it the same as your other assets
  • Add a Trigger and select Form
    • Filter to your lead magnet form
  • Add Action - Assign User
    • Select yourself
  • Add Action - Tag
    • Create new tag for the lead magnet
    • Add your subscriber tag
  • Add Email and select your email template
  • Click on Settings and make the following changes
    • Allow re-entry
    • Add Sender Details and select your Name and Email from the values
    • Set to Mark as read

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