RSS Element Options

When dealing with RSS feeds, the "RSS Items" element is a crucial part of an email builder in email marketing platforms. It essentially works as a dynamic content placeholder that populates content from the RSS feed into your email campaign. The RSS items can range from blog posts, news updates, articles, or any published content accessible through an RSS feed.

You have the following RSS Editing Options:

Excerpts: This option will only display a summary or snippet from the original content of each RSS feed item. This option is useful when you want to give your subscribers a preview of the content, prompting them to click through to read the full item on your website.
Excerpts with Image: Much like the Excerpts option, this also displays a summary or snippet from the original content. However, it also includes an image associated with the RSS feed item. This is particularly beneficial for visual impact and can significantly improve engagement rates.
Title: If you select this option, only the title of each RSS feed item will be displayed. This is a minimalistic approach and can be effective when the titles themselves are descriptive or intriguing enough to motivate the reader to click and read more.
Full Content: Choosing this option will import the entire content of each RSS feed item into your email. This can be useful if your RSS feed items are short or you want to provide complete information within the email. However, this may also lead to long emails if the feed items are lengthy.
Custom: The Custom option allows you to choose what information from the RSS feed is included in the email and how it is displayed. For instance, you may include the title, a short excerpt, the author's name, and a link to the full item. This option requires more setup but offers the most flexibility in tailoring the presentation of the feed items in your email.
This element can dynamically import different attributes related to each RSS item. These attributes could be:
Title of the post/item  ({{rss_item.title}})
Summary or description of the post/item  ({{rss_item.content}})
Direct URL link to the original post/item  ({{rss_item.url}})
The publication date of the post/item  ({{}})
The author of the post/item  ({{}})
When you incorporate the "RSS Items" element into your email, you can decide what information to display and how it should be presented. You can display just the title or the title along with a summary or even a hyperlink to the full post.
The customization options also extend to the design aspects. For instance, you can adjust the padding (top, bottom, left, right) around the element to fit your email's aesthetic. Plus, you can choose whether or not to include an image from each post in the email.
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