Create a Form

A form within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system serves as a crucial tool for collecting, updating, and managing information about customers and prospects. Its primary purpose is to streamline the interaction process by capturing essential details such as contact information, preferences, needs, and interactions, enabling businesses to enhance customer engagement, personalize marketing efforts, and improve customer service. Additionally, CRM forms help in organizing data effectively, ensuring that it is accessible and usable for various business operations, including sales tracking, lead management, and customer segmentation, ultimately aiding in the development of more informed strategies and decision-making processes to boost customer satisfaction and retention.

You may create the following types of forms:

  • Simple form
  • Advanced form with If/Then logic
  • Payment forms

Creating a Simple Form

  • Go to Sites
  • Select Forms and Builder
  • Click the button to Start from Scratch or Select a Template
  • From Scratch you will open to a basic form

  • On the left side click the +

  • This opens the Form Elements
  • Select from the Quick Add for the all the Standard Fields

  • Click Quick Add for fields you created or to create additional fields

  • Drag and drop the fields onto the Form canvas

Customize the Form Elements on the Right Side

Each element has a unique set of elements that may be customized.

  • Click on the form element
  • The element settings will open on the Right
  • Check if you would like the field to be required

Send Form Submissions to Yourself

  • Click on the Bell on the left side
  • Turn on Email Notification to receive submissions
  • Turn on Auto Response to send the submissions to the contact
  • Save the Notification and Save the Form

Customize the Form Settings & Submission

  • Click on the Settings icon in the top right
  • Settings Icon
  • On the Styles and Themes tab you may change the look and feel of the Form

  • Click on the Options tab to customize the Form Submission actions
    • Change the Form Name to be specific about where it is being used
    • Select the message to be shown like "Thanks for filling out the intake form."
    • Or Select URL redirect to redirect to a Client Welcome page after the form is submitted

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