Email Notifications in Forms and Surveys

Email Notifications in Forms & Surveys offer a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on form submissions without the need for constant manual monitoring. Utilize this feature to respond promptly to submissions, and ensure a seamless form management experience. Share form submission details with team members or stakeholders by including their email addresses in the email notification settings.

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Notification Option in secondary bar

Click the BELL icon on the top left to open the notification sidebar

Clicking on the Bell icon will open the Email Notifications sidebar. Toggle on Email notification will turn on the email notification.

Configure Email Notifications

In the Email Notifications sidebar, you can configure the following fields:

  1.  Subject: Set the email subject. If left empty, the form or survey name will be automatically added. You can use custom field also in subject.
  2. Email (To): Now, you can enter multiple email addresses with ease. Just enter them and watch them convert to email tags.
  3. Sender Name: If left empty, the location or agency name will be used as the sender’s name.
If sender name is empty, it will take default locations name.
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