Update your My Profile

The Profile section offers you the ability to customize and manage your personal account settings. Within this area, you can modify your profile information, update or change your password, craft an email signature, oversee integrations with other platforms, and designate your primary calendar for better organization and convenience.

Personal Information

Upload your profile photo and change your personal contact information including your first and last name, email, phone, and extension (if applicable).

User Availability

Set your personal availability and set a meeting location for your calendar invites.

Meeting Location - Set your default meeting location here, whether a virtual Zoom meeting or a physical address.

Time Zone - Set your time zone according to your business preferences by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting the time zone you would like to use.

Available Hours - Select the days you are available, such as Monday through Friday.

NOTE: If you are the only one scheduling appointments with prospects and clients, we recommend that you do not change the User Availability. Keep it open from Midnight to Midnight.

Email Signature

Go here for more information.

Connect Zoom

Here you can connect your Zoom for virtual meetings. See Connect Zoom for more details

Connect Your Calendar

Connect Outlook

Click here for Outlook connection instructions.

Connect Google

Click here for Outlook connection instructions.

Email Two-Way Sync

Click here to setup Email Two-Way Sync

Calendar Configuration

After connecting your calendar, you may configurate your calendar to manage availability and avoid double booking.

Go here to configure your calendar

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