Collective Calendar Booking

Experience the power of collective event types, enabling attendees to effortlessly arrange meetings with multiple team members at once. Ideal for scheduling:

  • Embark on a dynamic sales call, engaging an account executive and an SDR simultaneously.
  • Dive into a seamless technical support call, where a customer support rep and an engineer join forces to tackle any challenge.
  • Seize the opportunity for insightful interviews, connecting with a recruiter and a hiring manager in a single session.

With collective event types, elevate your scheduling game and unlock a new level of productivity and collaboration.

How does a Collective Booking works?

The Collective Booking calendar allows multiple users or team members to share a common calendar. When someone wants to schedule an appointment with the team members, they can see available time slots based on the combined availability of all the team members in the collective booking calendar.

How to Create a Collective Booking calendar

  1. Go to Calendars ➝ Calendar Settings
  2. Click on "Create Calendar"
  3. Select "Collective Booking"

    Add the mandatory details for this calendar

    1. Calendar Name
    2. Select Team members (A minimum of 2 team members are required for a Collective Calendar)
    3. Custom URL
    4. Meeting Location - This is not mandatory but recommended. In case no meeting location is added then the Custom Meeting location for the primary owner would be taken as default.
  4. You can click on "Confirm" and your Collective Calendar would be created
  5. To customise the Calendar Settings you can either click on the "Go to advanced settings" or once the calendar creation is done, you can click on Edit calendar which would take you to the advanced settings

Primary Owner

What is a Primary Owner

A primary owner in Collective booking would be that team member who would be lead for the appointment. The primary owner would also be the Appointment owner, and if the contact assignment is enabled then the contact would get assigned to the primary owner.

By default the first team member added to the collective booking would be made the primary owner and the primary owner in the Collective booking cannot be deleted.

Change Primary Owner

To change the Primary owner

  1. Go to Advanced Settings/Edit Calendar ➝ Meeting Details
  2. You would see the option "Make owner" against all the team members who are not currently Primary owner
  3. Click on "Make owner" against the team member whom you want to make Primary Owner
  4. The owner would change as shown below and would be indicated with the "Owner" label next to them

A Primary owner cannot be deleted from the collective booking calendar.

To delete a team member please ensure that the team member is not the Primary owner

How would the Notifications work?

All the team members would be notified once an appointment is booked by a contact. The content for the appointment notification remains the same and has no change. The contact would also be notified in the same manner how it's done for the existing calendars which no change in the content for it.


Payments would continue to work for Collective Booking, if they are enabled for the Calendar, where in the user would have to make the payment first and once the payment is confirmed only then the appointment would be booked.


Question: How many team members can I add in a single collective booking calendar

Answer: You can add upto 100 team members in a collective calendar, although please remember more the team members lesser chances of finding available slots across all of them

Question: Would payments work in Collective booking?

Answer: Yes, payments would work for Collective Booking

Question: Can I use collective booking for virtual appointments?

Answer: Collective booking can be used for both virtual and physical appointments, please ensure to add the correct details in the Meeting location field

Question: Can I remove a team member from an existing collective booking calendar?

Answer: Yes, you can remove any team member from the collective booking calendar except for the Primary owner. In case the team member you want to remove is a Primary owner, change the ownership from that user and then you would be able to remove the team member

Question: I have changed the primary owner of the collective booking calendar, but for the existing appointment, I still see the old primary owner, why?

Answer: The details of the booked appointment would reflect based on the Calendar settings which were there when the appointment was booked. Any appointment booked after the changes were made would start reflecting the new changes.

Question: Is there a way I can change the Primary owner for an already created appointment?

Answer: No, there is no way for users to change the details of an already booked collective appointment.

Question: Can I edit/reschedule a booked collective appointment?

Answer: Yes, you would be able to edit the details of the collective booking appointment, however you would not be able to change the team member details for the booked appointment.

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